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All art, photography & prints featured on this site are my own.

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It’s where I share my art and photography, which may include my latest shop designs, or some of my gardening or travel photography, and maybe a chin wag.  Feel free to subscribe to these posts (follow blog via email below); posts will be made no more often than once weekly and no less often than once monthly, so your inbox won’t be overflowing with my spam, but you will still hear from me at least occasionally 🙂


I look forward to connecting via the comments, or you can contact me privately here.  I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest, if either of those are your preferred turf.


If you’re in the mood for shopping you can visit my Society6 store via links below (those links will take you away from this site). These products are all printed with my own art & photography.  Besides Society6, I have two other print-on-demand stores you could visit: Pixels (FAA) and Zazzle.  All three sites are a work in progress, so stay tuned!

Alternatively you could stay with us and browse a few favourite products I’ve listed here on the site (also a work in progress, more will be listed soon).

If you’re wondering how all this print-on-demand stuff works, I’ve attempted to explain it here. Feel free to add something in the comments.

If you’ve read this far I’m impressed and also grateful, thank you 🙂 Enjoy looking around.